About the Designers


Hello, my name is Nicole, and I have been designing and making jewelry since 2005 when I was 10 years old. I am a self taught jewelry designer, and I have spent much time, thought, and trial and error on perfecting my techniques. I am passionate about creating trendy, yet durable jewelry that will last.

I have always loved the outdoors ~ admiring the unique details that can be found from the crisp autumn leaves to the vibrant spring flowers. I enjoy using materials and mediums that are unique and underestimated. I love working with copper, silver, and gold. Raw gems + your favorite metal will fit any outfit and any person's style. My artistic style is elegant with bohemian flair.

When I am not designing unique jewelry, photographing the pieces, or posting on social media, you can find me with my wonderful husband and our 3 rescue dogs, exploring new places or spending time with friends.

I absolutely LOVE creating jewelry and my goal is to create pieces that YOU will LOVE to wear and that YOU will be proud to give away as gifts.



My newest addition to my shop happens to be my awesome mom, Julia. She was an effortless choice as she has supported and encouraged me every step of the way these past 14 years that I've been pursuing jewelry design. In addition, she is dependable, artistically talented, and she puts so much attention into every little detail.


With a business degree in advertising & graphic design, she enjoys creative endeavors from arts & crafts to gardening & photography.


Julia starts the first step in every ring by designing the ring band. She meticulously shapes and hammers each piece to perfection. Then, I take the bands and begin the gemstone placement and metalwork. She also designs and makes the beautiful metal bands that can be stacked or worn alone.