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Not Your Typical Birthstone Jewelry

The giving of birthstone jewelry is a great way to honor friends and loved ones.  I would be surprised to meet a lady who has not at some point in her life received a piece of jewelry with her birthstone on it. I was born in March, so my birthstone is Aquamarine.  I have known that as long as I can remember.  I have always loved the bright aqua blue colors in the gifts I received with my birthstone.  Aqua is definitely one of my favorite colors.  I even painted my kitchen that color! However, I never fell head-over-heals in love with Aquamarine until I found it in its raw form - that is straight from the earth in its natural state!  What a treasure it is. If you are looking for something different from the same cliche manmade rhinestone jewelry designs, then I think you will like what I offer - birthstone jewelry in it's natural raw form!  Actually, I think you will love it.


- January -
Garnet, athough well known as a deep red gem, also comes in orange, purple, and green colors.
january birthstone, garnet
- February -
Amethyst represents prosperity and the crystals come in a wide array of purple and purple mixed with crystal clear colors.
february birthstone, amethyst
- March -
Aquamarine is a pale blue gemstone with a breathtaking shimmer. A fun fact is that Aquamarine was believed to be a mermaid's treasure.
march birthstone, aquamarine
- April -
Herkimer Diamonds are gorgeous double terminated quartz gems that are only found in Herkimer New York and also Pakistan. They range from crystal clear to clear with unique carbon inclusions.
april birthstone, herkimer diamond
- May -
Emerald is a unique crystal because it comes in a variety of shades including very dark green, forest green, and pale green. I love making unique combinations with Emerald and other gemstones because the colors are so versatile.
may birthstone, emerald
- June -
Moonstone carries a shimmer just like the moon in a clear night sky. My favorite pieces have a light blue sparkle when held in the light.
june birthstone, moonstone
- July -
Ruby comes in various shades including deep red, bright red, and my personal favorite a purple variety that mixes well with all of the other birthstones.
july birthstone, ruby
- August -
Peridot is a bright green that resembles fresh Spring grass. It's pronunciation confuses many people, but after some research it turns out neither pronunciation is wrong. You can pronounce it "Peri-dot" or "Peri-dough". Who knew?
august birthstone, peridot
- September -
Sapphire is well known as a royal blue crystal even though it comes in other shades such as yellow, gray, pink, and light blue.
september birthstone, sapphire
- October -
Tourmaline comes in a vast array of colors including blue, green, black, and pink. October babies are lucky to have so many options to choose from!
october birthstone, tourmaline
- November -
Topaz and Citrine represent November babies. Yellow for Citrine and Topaz are the most well-known colors for this month, however for the ladies who don't love yellow, light blue Topaz is a beautiful option.
november birthstone, citrine, topaz
- December -
Tanzanite is yet another gemstone that comes in various colors including blue and violet. I love using the muted purple colors because they are slightly more neutral and will match any outfit you can wear.
december birthstone, tanzanite
One of the many things I love about using raw gemstones for birthstone jewelry is that every single piece will be entirely unique ~ no one will ever be wearing the same piece of jewelry.
If you would like to see more birthstone design possibilities, visit the Personalized section in my shop here.